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Our Story

About the Brand

"Fine Jewelry As Art" - 

Poetic Mind Jewelry brand is represented by creative, unique layouts, playful colors, and glamourous life style. All pieces are designed by founder Ella and handmade in Los Angeles professional jewelers. 

Meet Ella Yoo

She majored Creative Writing (BA) and Metal and Jewelry Design (BFA) at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She believes every artwork reflects the thoughts of artist and that's what make them valuable. When Ella works on jewelry, she takes an attitude of making an art creation. She design all Poetic Mind Jewelry herself, hand-select from precious metals to gemstones and diamonds. And she works with professional bench jeweler team very closely. Ella's goal as a jewelry designer is to produce valuable and timeless jewelry with the token of love to heal their hearts. This is the Value of Poetic Mind Jewelry

Welcome to Poetic Mind
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